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Privacy Policy

We do our best to ensure that the site operates properly, but if you encounter any problem, please notify us as soon as possible by email:


Articles of Association for use of the site

In these Articles of Association: “content” means data, notices, content, text, pictures and/or audio, which will be made available to users of the website by any means, inter alia end devices, either current or which become available in the future, whether owned by Mano Maritime Ltd. or owned by a third party, which allows Mano Maritime Ltd. to use it.

In these Articles of Association: the Site (hereinafter: “the site”), operated by Mano Martime Ltd. and any affiliated company (hereinafter: “the Company”), used as an e-commerce site for the purchase of various products and/or services by internet users.

These Articles of Association supersede all other specific regulations appearing on the website in the event of a contradiction or discrepancy between the terms of these Articles of Association and the terms of the other regulations.

What is mentioned in said specific regulations will supersede what is mentioned in these general regulations with respect to services.

What is mentioned in these Terms of Use is worded in the masculine gender solely for the purpose of convenience, but refers to both genders equally.

Use of the Site

Use of the Site and/or the purchase of a product and/or a service by means of the Site constitute (shouldn’t your agreement to accept and conduct yourself pursuant to these Articles of Association. Therefore, read these Articles of Association in full and with care. If you do not agree to any of the terms of the Articles of Association, you are requested not to make any use of the Site. Use of the Site and/or the carrying out of purchases by you means that you fully agree to what is mentioned in these Articles of Association.

Use of the Site and its content is provided as is on the basis of company decisions, and you will have no claim, suit, or demand against the Company for the nature of the use, the restrictions, or the responses arising from publication on the Site and on the end devices. Use of the content presented on the Site on end devices and the site services will therefore be at your sole and full responsibility.

The Company website is restricted to personal use, and may not be used for any commercial use without the explicit written consent of the company.

A user of the Site is completely prohibited from making any changes or copying, distributing, broadcasting, presenting, duplicating, publishing, issuing a license, creating derivative jobs, or selling an item from the items of information, content, products, or services originating on the Company website.

The Company has the right, from time to time, to close the site and change the structure, appearance, and availability of the services and content offered, without the need to give you any prior notice. Therefore, you will have no claim, suit, or demand against the Company in this matter.

The presence of a particular link on the Company Site does not indicate that the content of the linked site is reliable, full, or up to date, and the Company shall bear no liability in this respect.

The Company does not assure that the links found on the Site will be operating and will lead you to an active website. The Company has the right to remove previously included links or refrain from adding new links.

You may find that the content on the Site does not meet your needs, or that you object to it, or that you believe it is infuriating, annoying, improper, illegal, or immoral. The Company bears no responsibility for the content, data, or visual elements on the linked sites, and bears no liability for any consequences caused from their use or reliance on them.

Without derogating from what is mentioned above, the company bears no liability for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to you or your property from the use of or reliance on information and content appearing on sites you will reach via or through the use or existing links on the company site and/or for the use of or reliance on information and content published on the site by third parties.

The Company will make every effort to fix malfunctions on the Site within a reasonable period of time, but will not be liable for any damage caused as the result of a crash of the Site and/or any other disruption in its operation.

The Company does not guarantee that the services offered on the site will not be disrupted, provided in an orderly manner, without breaks or disturbances and/or that they will be immune from illegal hacking of the Company’s computers, flaws, malfunctions in hardware or software or communications lines at the Company or any of its suppliers, or will be harmed from any other reason, and the Company will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, mental anguish, and so forth caused to you or your property as a consequence thereof.

The prices and availability of the products and/or the services sold through the Site are liable to change from time to time. In cases of discrepancies between the prices and/or availability of the products and/or the services, the information provided you by the Company Sales Department is the fixed information.

If an error occurs in the description and/or the price of a product and/or service presented on the Site, this is not binding on the Company, but the customer will have the right to cancel the transaction.

The presentation of products and/or services on the Site does not express an opinion about their nature or quality. Pictures of products and/or services on the Site are solely for illustration, and there may be differences between the pictures shown on the Site, in whole or in part, and products and/or services actually sold.

Registering for services

Some of the services on the Company Site, including the use of email services, require registration.

You will have to provide personal information as part of the registration, such as your name, ID number, address, how to contact you, email address, and your credit card. The mandatory fields will be explicitly marked.

Without providing the data requested in the mandatory fields, you not be able to register for services requiring registration.

Since the Company will only ask for information needed for the service for which you are registering, for some services, you will be asked to provide additional data required by the nature of the service.

On the registration form, it is necessary to provide details of the order, verify and complete the customer details, method of payment, etc. Submission of false details is a criminal offense liable to result in legal proceedings.

The Company computer records about actions undertaken via the Site will be prime facie evidence of willingness to proceed.

By law, you are not required to provide the information, but without doing so, you will not be able to use these services.


The Site uses automated tools to identify use of the Site and to improve the user experience. These tools collect general data about you and your use of the Site. This information includes, inter alia, the website address from whence you came to the Site, the date of your visit, and your browser. This data does not identify you personally. The Company also uses data files, known as cookies. These files help track the preferences of visitors and improve the user experience of the Site. For example, the cookies make it possible to save the information you have filled out on various forms, saving you the need to fill out the information again on your subsequent visit. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can block them by changing your browser definitions.

Mano Maritime Ltd. respects your privacy and is committed to keeping the protection of privacy rules accepted in Israel. The Site does not collect identifying personal information about you, unless you provide this information at your own volition when filling out a form on the Site, such as the create contact form or reservation form, which require identifying personal details. The information you provide when registering for services on the sites will be kept in the Company database for the purpose of managing relations and customer services of the Company and its suppliers, operational needs, marketing, and statistics, including data processing, direct mailing, and data transfer to affiliated companies for these purposes and for Company management of reservations and payments, everything subject to the law. By law, you are not required to provide the information, but without doing so, you will not be able to use these services.

Upon registration in the Company database, the Company will have the right to send you, from time to time, by email, information about its services as well as marketing information and advertisements – whether information that the Company publishes itself or information that the Company receives for delivery from other advertisers.

This information will be sent to your e-mailbox. If you do not want to continue receiving commercial information as mentioned, you may, at any time, cancel your consent by contacting the Company, and cease receiving commercial information.


Information security

The Company applies information security procedures and systems on its sites. While these procedures and systems reduce the risks of unauthorized access to Company computers, they are not foolproof. Therefore, the Company does not guarantee that the services on its sites will be completely immune from unauthorized access to data stored on them.

Right to review information

Pursuant to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, every person has the right to review, personally or by his representative with written authorization or guardian, information held in databases. A person reviewing the information and finding it incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or out of date has the right to contact the database owner with a request to correct or delete the data. If the database owner refuses to fulfill the request, it must notify the applicant in the manner and way stipulated in the regulations.

If the database owner refuses to allow review or notifies that it refuses to correct or delete data, the applicant has the right to appeal to the Magistrates Court the manner and way stipulated in the regulations.


Intellectual Property

All copyrights on the Company website, inter alia, its design, and all content, application, graphic file, texts,  computer code, and any other material included therein belongs exclusively to the company and/or its content providers and/or business partners, as the case may be.

Do not copy, distribute, present publicly, translate, or deliver to a third party any part of what is mentioned above without obtaining the explicit advance written consent of Mano Maritime Ltd.

The name of the Company, the domain name of the Site, and trademarks (whether registered or not registered) of the company are the exclusive intellectual property of Mano Maritime Ltd.

Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of the site, but so is keeping the laws of the State of Israel.

Therefore, you will refrain from publishing on the site the following content (notices, pictures, files of different kinds, links, texts, and any other information):

Content with a gross sexual nature, threats, racism, slander, encouragement of incitement, criminal or civil offenses, infringements of privacy, material that harms or offends public sensitivities, and content that violates the law in any way; content of a commercial character and/or includes any advertising information; content whose intellectual property rights do not belong to you; content containing computer viruses of any kind.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to publish any content which in its opinion violates any of the conditions mentioned above and/or which is liable to harm the site and/or any third party, and it has the right to delete such content at any time.

Remember, content delivered for publication will be exposed to all internet users, and the Company cannot know what responses you are liable to receive as a result of providing content, who will respond and how. Therefore, the Company will bear no liability toward you or anyone on your behalf for these responses, or for any of the consequences to you or your property as a result of the responses mentioned above.

You should know that the sending of content for publication at the Company grants the Company a free license, unlimited in time, to present, duplicate, copy, distribute, market, and make any other use of it at the company’s discretion (for elaboration, see the headline, Intellectual Property, hereinabove).

This means that you do not and will not have the right in future to any payment for any content you provide for publication.

Please note that the Company reserves the right to change, at its discretion, and without obtaining the consent of the user, the Terms of Use of the Site.

You may read the latest version of the Terms of Use whenever you enter the Site.

For any questions about use of the Mano Maritime Ltd. website, you may contact Company representatives at email:

The Company will make every effort to handle your inquiry as quickly as possible.


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