• Covid 19 tests required by the israeli MOH / Destination State / EU
  • Tours on shore at the destination countries
  • Bar beverages
  • Spa treatments, beauty salon
  • Additional services: Wi-Fi, laundry/ironing, Italian restaurant, complimentary services for birthday parties and other celebrations, etc.

There are 4 guest rooms on the ship that are suitable for disabled passengers who move around in a wheelchair.

Deluxe rooms with a window on the 7th floor - the rooms are equipped with railings, toilets and showers.

The rooms are for three guests only. The room comes with two twin beds and one upper bed.

Every cruise departs from Gate 5 at the Haifa Port – address: 65 Ha’atzmaut Street, Haifa

Train station: Haifa Center Hashmona adjacent to the terminal (about 100 meters). Schedules and additional information is available on the Israel Railways website.

On passengers responsibility to make sure with Israel railways the schedule and the availability of trains to Haifa-center Hashmona station on they cruise date.

Bus station (Metronit): line 1 or 2 from the Hamifratz Central Bus Station or Hof Hacarmel Central Bus Station

Due to border controls and checks, you are requested to arrive at the port on time that was mentioned during the reservation process and appears on cruise ticket.. Late arrivals are liable to miss embarkation. A passenger who misses the departure and is not allowed to embark will be charged the full cruise price.

There are several parking lots for pay near the Haifa Port. If you wish to arrive by car, please contact the parking lots to obtain up-to-date information.

For security reasons, it is prohibited to bring liquids on to the ship, except for hygiene products, such as soap, shampoo, and perfume in their original packaging.

Solid foods may be brought on board the ship.

Food, food products, and the kitchens on the Crown Iris are kosher, under the supervision of Rabbi Yitzhak Dayan, the Chief Rabbi of the Geneva Jewish community.


Online payment may only be made by one credit card. If you wish to use multiple credit cards to pay, you must make the reservation via the call center at *8288. Please note that telephone reservations do not include the online discount.

It is possible to make a reservation online and input the details of the old passport; however the expiration date you enter must be after the transaction date. You will have to subsequently update the passport information in your account

Important! Every passenger is required to have a valid passport. A passenger who arrives to the cruise with an invalid/damaged passport will not be allowed to embark, and will be charged the full price of the cruise.

Holders of a valid Israeli passport do not need a visa.

People with a foreign passport or laissez passer must verify whether they need a visa. A passenger who arrives at the cruise without a visa to the destination country will not be allowed to embark and will be charged the full price of the cruise, nor will he be eligible for any compensation or refund. Mano Maritime does not arrange visas.

Further information about visas is available at the embassies of the destination countries.

We ask that every passenger obtain overseas travel insurance to cover COVID -19 and physical injury and recommend to obtain an insurance to cover cancellation of the trip and damage to luggage.


Beverage packages can be purchased on ship reseption at different prices:



* Prices are subject to change from time to time.

* The package is available onboard only.



A pregnant woman must obtain overseas travel insurance. A pregnant woman who arrives to the cruise without such insurance will not be allowed to board, and will be charged the full cruise price. We recommend consulting with doctor regarding your travel during the pregnancy period.

Passengers younger than 18 years may sail on a cruise if accompanied by an adult (over the age of 18) and with parental approval.

The liner team makes every effort to provide passengers with the highest level of service. In accordance with the traditions in the field of international cruises, a tip of 5 € per person per night will be automatically charged from the on-board account of passengers as a reward to service personnel. The passenger is entitled to change the tip amount by contacting the check-in counter at the end of the cruise.

There is no money exchange on the ship. It is recommended to take on the cruise the currency of the destination country.

There is a general practitioner (GP) on board during the cruise (the service is for payment).

Sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, for reasons beyond the control of Mano Maritime, inter alia because of force majeure, the company is compelled to change the course of the cruise, the ports of call, and the length of stay at the ports during the cruise.

Changing the date of a cruise incurs a cancellation fee, pursuant to the cancellation policy of Mano Maritime Ltd., and subject to the Consumer Protection Law.

Cabins are approximately 10-13 sq.m. in size and suites are 13-37 sq.m. in size.


A cabin with a window strengthens the cruise experience by allowing the passenger to enjoy the sea view, even while in his cabin.

Important! The window cannot be opened. All the cabins on the ship have air conditioning.

If you wish a particular cabin location (in the aft/center/bow of the ship, depending on the selected category), please choose this service when making the reservation. Reserving a cabin location incurs a fee of €5 per night per cabin. 

We will make every effort and ensure that complete infant equipment is present in specific categories, in order to offer you a perfect and relaxed cruise experience. The Infant Package includes equipment and accessories (crib, towels and shampoo, a special infant menu, and more…).

Sailing with an infant is only permitted on the conditions of the cabins which we offer.

Important! Infant is defined as a passenger in a cabin who is not more than 2 years of age at the date of departure.

The price is regular for traveling with an infant.


Cruise canceling and cancellation fees:

  • Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, and the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 5770-2010, in the event of a cancellation, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee according to the date of cancellation and date of the purchase. The date of cancellation will be calculated according to the date the cancellation was received in writing (by fax, mail, or email at the offices of Mano Maritime Ltd.)
  • If the cancellation is made within 14 calendar days (in a remote sales reservaiton for a person with disabiltiy, senior or new immigrant - withnin four month)(from the transaction date or from the date the disclosure document was sent by Mano Maritime Ltd. (whichever is later), provided that at least seven business days remain before the sailing date, the cancellation fee is NIS 100 or 5% per passenger, whichever is lower.

In every other case:

* Cancellation of an order more than 30 working days before departure
25% of the cost of a tourist package.
• Cancellation of an order from 30 to 19 working days before departure - 35% of the cost of the travel package.
• Cancellation of an order from 18 to 8 working days before departure - 50% of the cost of the travel package.
• Cancellation of an order within 7 business days before departure - a penalty of 100%.




  • The cancellation fee will apply if the passenger changes the date of the cruise and/or substitutes another passenger.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. advises passengers to purchase overseas travel insurance and to verify that the insurance covers cancellation of the trip, damage to luggage, and physical injury.
  • In the event of a cancellation, the amount paid for the reservation will be refunded, after deducting the cancellation fee, within 14 days from the notification date of the cancellation. The refund will be calculated according to the Euro rate that was on the day of the transaction.
  • The sailing of a cruise is subject to the number of people registered for it.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. and the ship owners have the exclusive right to cancel a cruise or change the route or length of stay at ports for operating, technical, or other reasons, and appropriate notification will be given to the passengers. In such a case, the customer will be fully reimbursed the amounts he paid to Mano Maritime Ltd. without additional payment beyond the payment made by the passenger/customer.




WIFI surfing packages can be purchased upon receipt of the ship at different prices:
SOCIAL surfing packages
Restricted to use on social networks such as: Whatsapp, Facebook, and the like
3 days = a total of 40 euros
4 days = a total of 50 euros
5 days = a total of 62 euros
7 days = a total of 87 euros

Full surfing package (currently not available)
For use on all sites without restriction
3 days = a total of 60 euros
4 days = a total of 75 euros
5 days = a total of 85 euros
7 days = a total of 119 euros
Prices are for one mobile device.
* Prices are subject to change from time to time.
* The packages are subject to change from time to time.
* The package is active throughout the ship only.

If you buy an overseas package from a cellular company in Israel, the package will not work for you in the middle of the sea, but only at mooring in the destination countries.
The ship's internet package will work both in the middle of the sea, and also during the mooring times at the port (throughout the ship's area only).

* There may be disturbances in absorption which are caused by an external factor

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