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Greece - Patmos

Patmos, one of the charming islands of Greece – a peaceful and picturesque place which is considered to be the ‘Jerusalem of the Aegean Sea’. It is on the island of Patmos that the Vision of St. John – which is also known as the ‘Book of Revelation’, or the ‘Apocalypse’ – was written. Patmos is a site of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians, but all of the tourists who have discovered it – regardless of its religious aura – enjoy a mesmerizing combination of sunshine, soft sand, enchanting beaches, white houses and fine foods. The scenery on the island is enchanting: picture-postcard bays, cliffs, and the blue sea which from here seems infinite.

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An amazingly tranquil Greek island

The intimate island – which is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese group of islands – sits on a total area of 34 sq km and has coastline of about 60 km.  There are only about 3000 inhabitants living on the island, so Patmos is the ideal location for anyone seeking tranquility, since it is more secluded than the busier Greek islands. Nature, charming pathways, stillness – the components of which a dream vacation is composed – will be found here in abundance and it is no wonder that people who have discovered Patmos return here over and over again.

The location of the Gospel of John

Patmos is rich in beauty and charisma; a small and mountainous island inhabited even before Christ and later ruled by the Romans, who used it as a site to which it exiled people such as political criminals.

John, one of Apostles of Jesus, was sent into exile on the Island of Patmos where he lived in a cave.  He is said to have written the Gospel of John there in the year 95, approximately.

The cave of the Apocalypse of St. John has also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Splendid beaches waiting to be discovered

Like other Greek islands, Patmos is full of wonderful beaches  – from carefully tended beaches to ones that are secluded and wild – nothing compares with taking trips to discover the coves along the coastline, as well as dazzling vantage points.

Agriolivadi, a long stretch of sandy beach arranged with sun-beds and sunshades, offers a selection of water sports like water skiing and pedal boats for rent, as well as rowboats for hire.

Kambos is the most popular beach on the island; dotted with tamarisk trees, it is a particularly lively beach surrounded by taverns and bars, sun-beds and sunshades, and offers a selection of marine activities such as windsurfing and water skiing. Another beautiful beach is Psili, an adventure beach with an exotic atmosphere and wild charm, sand dunes and taverns serving authentic Greek food.

One of the coastal attractions that enhances the experience of the Patmos beaches is a visit to Lambi beach, which is covered with a carpet of rare multi-colored pebbles that tourists like to collect and take home as souvenirs.

Where should one visit on Patmos?

The peaceful villages on Patmos are themselves a source of attraction; it is as if time has stood still here. Chora is a village dating back to the Middle Ages, with whitewashed houses that are so familiar in the landscape of the Greek islands; among its quaint roadways one finds a selection of delightful restaurants and lively bars, and it is only a short drive away from the harbor.

Skala is a bustling port city filled with attractions and a vibrant way of life. You will find shops selling souvenirs and handicrafts; restaurants with traditional foods alongside modern delicacies that will delight the palate; clubs; transportation to other parts of the island for those who want to sightsee during their visit to the island of Patmos.

For anyone interested in visiting a fishing village, Grikos is the place to go. It is a really romantic village with intimate taverns and fresh fish, isolated stretches of beach and plenty of tranquility.

Kampos is another village with taverns, delicatessens, sports facilities and water sports as well as transportation to many other places on the island.

Souvenirs to take home

Something that is always entertaining when you are visiting the Greek islands is shopping! The picturesque alleyways present a fun-filled alternative to the familiar modern shopping mall, and you will find some appealing souvenirs and bargains. In Patmos you will discover objets d’art, paintings of beautiful landscapes, potters who can offer a great variety of decorative sculptures, jewelry with precious stones, shoes and clothing and – from the culinary aspect: fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and, of course, wines.


Greece - Crete - Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos in Crete is a Greek port city that is considered to be a prosperous resort town as well as a prominent focal point that offers vibrant nightlife for tourists who like to party until dawn. In the center of the city you will find the enchanting Lake Voulismeni – where, according to legend, the goddesses Athena and Artemis bathed and immersed themselves in the waters. You will also find picturesque houses on the edge of the bay as well as a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere.

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Nightlife, aromas and a peaceful atmosphere

Some of the island's beautiful houses were constructed on top of the remains of ancient buildings in a manner of construction that creates an authentic atmosphere – thanks to the unique style of architecture – and tourists coming to the island like to explore the picturesque alleyways and admire the appearance of the bright white houses.

This location combines a sense of relaxation, excellent food (try the fresh fish!), and pulsating nightlife.  Agios Nikolaos boasts an abundance of pubs and clubs, an open-air cinema, sports facilities and an impressive golf course for lovers of the sport who can enjoy a game of golf in a really delightful atmosphere.

Anyone looking for shopping opportunities will be able to find whatever they seek among the dizzying variety of objets d’art, jewelry, souvenirs, carpets, embroidery, Byzantine figures, porcelain, local delicacies and many other things.

Wonderful resort city

The beautiful city of Agios Nikolaos has three views facing the water – the lake and the port, the Kitroplatia beach, and the Marina. The beach in Kitroplatia is one of the only beaches in Crete that combines a vibrant city life with the beach itself, which is surrounded by trendy cafés and restaurants – it is highly recommended to come here when you are visiting the city.

Don’t forget to visit the city's museums, such as the Folklore Museum displaying traditional handicrafts, embroidery, photographs, costumes; and the Archaeological Museum in the city which displays ancient artifacts dating back to Crete’s earliest days.

Around the city, only a short distance away, are other tourist areas such as Elounda – a colorful seaside town that was once a sleepy fishing village and today attracts many tourists because of its glorious sandy beaches, the archeological sites, the pubs, cafés and the pleasant intimate atmosphere. Another place that you can visit on a trip to Agios Nikolaos is the town of Sitia which offers a stunning landscape, the impressive Kazarma fortress, and sense of infinite tranquility.


Greece - Crete - Heraklion

The mesmerizing capital city of Crete offers a plethora of pleasures in one location. Stunning beaches, artifacts from the ancient Minoan civilization, and a holiday atmosphere that only a Greek paradise can offer. Heraklion is called ‘An Island Blessed By The Gods’ – a city that is modern and colorful, has positive energy in the streets, lively markets, an exciting image that does not in any way overshadow all of its fascinating history.

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For its visitors Heraklion offers a variety of museums, vibrant nightlife, summer arts festivals (the Heraklion Summer Festival) and archaeological sites that recount all about its glorious past.

During your visit to Heraklion you should not miss the Venetian Marina, a dazzling scene of white yachts, fishing boats and a stunning castle dating back to the fourth century. Heraklion is filled with the excellent flavors of high quality olive oils and fine wines; you can tour the vineyards, taste and enjoy the wines to your hearts content.

History enthusiasts who come to the charming port city will certainly not forego a journey through the past at the Historical Museum of Crete in Heraklion, displaying an impressive exhibition of treasures from the early Christian era, the Byzantine period and the Middle Ages. There are several other museums in the city: the Archaeological Museum (the only Minoan museum in the world), the Historical Museum of Crete and another one that is well worth a visit – the Museum of Visual Arts.

The Minoan Palace of Knossos

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the trip around Heraklion is the Minoan Palace of Knossos – legend has it that the ‘myth of the labyrinth’ originated here. This building was constructed by King Minos of Crete to protect the 'Minotaur', a mythical creature that was part bull and part human.

The palace has 1,300 rooms that are interconnected with corridors of different sizes. The palace was designed in such a way that it takes advantage of the maximal amount of natural lighting during the long days of summer, and therefore is very well illuminated during the hot season. The rooms in the palace were built around courtyards facing window apertures and one can observe the amazing Greek columns inside the structure, and wall paintings decorated with frescoes. Do not miss a royal visit to the palace.

In the depths of the Sea

One of the favorite sites for visitors in Heraklion is the Thalassocosmos ‘CretAquarium’, an amazing complex that offers you a unique experience observing the creatures of the deep in the darkness, in the light, through sound and more. You will be able to explore the worlds of water, sharks, tropical fish, and a treasure-trove of amazing species from the water world – this is a unique experience for the entire family.


Greece - Crete - Souda

Souda is a port of Chania, the most beautiful of Crete’s cities that combines an impressive mosaic of Venetian and Turkish history and architecture, beautiful beaches, wild nature reserves, excellent restaurants and a wealth of exciting attractions.

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Chania – which is located in the western part of Crete and is the island's third largest city – retains its historic, authentic character, picturesque alleyways, colorful markets and interesting architecture. There is an outstanding selection of activities available – this is a city that likes to celebrate and every year there are festivals, performances and exhibitions taking place here that attract tourists from all over the world.

In the Old City you can enjoy yourself in the wonderful taverns and restaurants situated in ancient buildings or outdoors. The nightlife that Chania offers is among the liveliest of all the islands of Greece, with discotheques, cafés and parties until dawn. There are always a great number of reasons to celebrate every visit to this charming city.

Hypnotically rural

Anyone looking for nature will most definitely find what they are looking for amongst the wild nature reserves and the isolated coastal strips. Chania is a most magical place. Among the favorite places for nature lovers who come to Chania, the ‘star’ is undoubtedly Venizelos Park, named in honor of the Greek statesman Venizelos, whose dream had been to unite Crete with Greece. Inside the Park is the impressive monument commemorating the Greek uprising against the Turks, and one can look out over this beautiful city from the spectacular vantage point.

Lake Kournas is another attractive tourist spot. This is a lovely lake situated in a wooded valley, and there is an area of tranquility surrounded by lush green vegetation.

A vibrant city

Chania, similar to many cities in the Greek Islands, offers diversity of museums; such as the Archaeological Museum which includes displays of archaeological finds, pottery, mosaics and sculptures; and the Maritime Museum of Crete with its display of models of ships and ancient artifacts. One of the favorite pastimes of tourists in the city of Chania is taking an interesting tour around the Venetian quarter or the Turkish quarter, providing an opportunity to appreciate the ancient architectural styles. Among the most popular destinations: the ancient and impressive synagogue in Chania and the area of the old port. The markets in the Old City offer a variety of souvenirs and colorful ornaments and it is always fun to bring these home as a souvenir or as a gift for people who love such items. Chania will certainly provide you with wonderful moments of happiness to treasure forever.


Greece - Santorini

This delightful Greek Island is the ideal place to go for a pampering vacation. Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea and is considered to be one of the most favored vacation spots in the world. The sunsets here are truly magical, the turquoise waters are mesmerizing, the beaches are sandy and well maintained, and the houses are built from volcanic rock – tranquility surrounds you from all sides.

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Antiques & Landscapes

When you visit Santorini you will certain want to spend some time at one of the beautiful beaches, or eat, and drink fine wines at one of the many taverns or trendy restaurants. If you enjoy ‘going back in time’ you will not want to miss a visit to the archaeological site at Akrotiri, where one of the most important prehistoric settlements in the Aegean area has been excavated. 

Here you can see up close the remains recovered of a thriving community, multi-story buildings, impressive wall murals and other interesting objects. Although many of the archaeological finds from Santorini have been preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Santorini Archaeological Museum also has on display some very special historical treasures.

Other attractions that draw visitors to Santorini are the Pyrgos Citadel and the possibility of looking out over Santorini from the top of the volcano, or touring the wonderful hot springs at Palia Kameni.

Picturesque villages

While on the cruise to Santorini you should also plan to visit Oia, a picturesque artists’ town located 150 meters above sea level. The town is characterized by white houses on the hillside, and beautiful pathways; and it is one of the most photographed towns in Greece and it has inspired many artists and poets. If you are looking for more interesting places to discover in Santorini, go to the pastoral village of Pyrgos where there are a lot of churches and a famous monastery where one can see a display of special religious items. Most of the tourists who come to Pyrgos wish to enjoy first-hand the ancient Venetian fortress with its wonderful museum and spectacular vantage points. In Fira, the capital of Santorini, you are invited to take the famous cable car and tour the ancient port of Fira, or simply roam through the alleyways, marvel at the houses which appear to be hanging onto the sides of the cliff, the shops and the endless celebration in the island's tourist city.


Greece - Kos

Lovers of the good life really like the Island of Kos, the wonderfully exotic island in the southeast of the Aegean Sea. Hippocrates was born there around 460 BC and he founded the island’s School of Medicine. On the island there are a variety of fascinating archaeological sites, and white beaches that blend in with the spectacular landscape of the sea. On this extraordinary island you will find a unique mixture of enjoyment and entertainment awaiting you, from daytime until the night: there is a vibrant nightlife, dance bars, pubs on the beach and clubs that remain open until the wee hours. This is also a wonderful place from which to take natural soaps and olive oil home as souvenirs.

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In the footsteps of medicine

The journey back in time is sensed at holy archaeological sites that recount the history of Kos and tell of the beliefs and the mythological figures that go together with the culture of this distinctive place.

It is worth visiting the Temple of Asclepion that was built in honor of Asclepius (the Greek god of medicine).  This is the site of the School of Medicine, where the teachings of Hippocrates – known as the ‘Father of Modern Medicine’ – were taught. From the site you will be able to look out over spectacular views of the town of Kos and of the Turkish coastline.

Another place well worth visiting is the Castle of the Knights of the Order of Saint John, which is situated at the entrance to Kos harbor, on what used to be an island during antiquity. The castle was built from local stone and it has two defensive precincts with imposing towers, fortresses and ancient walls. The two precincts are separated by a large moat and connected by a drawbridge. A tour of the castle is a fascinating and historic adventure that is highly recommended!

The spectacular beaches of Kos

As with all of the Greek islands, Kos also has an abundance of delightful beaches that attract tourists, with the pleasant Mediterranean climate offering you a wonderful vacation experience on its magnificent coast. You won’t want to miss the beach at Agios Theologos, located near the village of Kefalos, an area that abounds in rivers and rocky bays. It is a wonderful place to go windsurfing and to enjoy sumptuous meals at one of the excellent local restaurants that specialize in fresh fish. Another highly recommended beach that visitors to Kos adore is Paradise Beach, which is renowned for its clear waters and the many good restaurants there.


Greece - Corfu

A magnificent palace and an impressive fortress When visiting the island you won’t want to miss the most attractive destinations in the city. For example, the magnificent Achilleion palace, the amazing summer palace built in 1891 as a gift from Emperor Franz Joseph to his wife, Elisabeth the Duchess of Bavaria – who named this palace in honor of the mythical hero Achilles whom she idolized. Here you can stroll around the spectacular sculpture garden, enjoy the impressive murals and look out over the sea (and by the way – just so you’ll know – this is the palace where a scene from the movie "For Your Eyes Only" – one of the James Bond movies – was filmed).

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Adventure lovers who come to Corfu will not forego visiting the ancient fortress of Corfu; this is an impressive fortress that was built by the Venetians in the 15th century. Access to the fortress at the time was by means of a drawbridge, which has since been replaced by a permanent bridge.

Entrance to the ancient fortress was made possible through the famous Spianada (Esplanade)  Central Square, which is the second largest square in Europe. Here you can spend the entire day, from morning to night, enjoying the many restaurants, cafés and shops that are set in a uniquely classical atmosphere.

Fascinating museums

In Corfu there are some captivating museums, like the Museum of Asian Art where one can see thousands of unique objects associated with the Asian tradition  – some of them dating back as far as the 11th century BC: Samurai armor, Kabuki theatrical masks, bronze Chinese statues, Japanese printed pictures, Chinese porcelain, sculptures and portraits.

Another museum that attracts many visitors is the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, where some of the fascinating artifacts that are on display were discovered during excavations carried out in the Old City:  bronze and marble sculptures, pottery, ancient coins and more.

If you are looking for an excellent water park, it is a lovely idea to visit ‘Aqualand’ which has a surprising abundance of water facilities and offers a dynamic experience for the entire family.

As on many of the Greek Islands, on Corfu too it is worthwhile to rent a car and visit some of the special destinations in the city; enjoy a good meal; spend time at one of enchanting beaches; and then return to the ship with a wealth of unforgettable experiences from this beautiful verdant island.


Greece - Rhodes

Rhodes – Greece's “Sun Island” – is the largest and most popular of the Dodecanese Islands, offering a perfect combination of sea, sun and beautiful beaches, together with historical sites and endless leisure options that include over 600 pubs, taverns and clubs. The population of Rhodes is approximately 110,000 inhabitants and the city covers an area of 1398 km2. The island’s scenery is composed, for the most part, of hills and mountains covered with trees, beautiful white houses, enchanting beaches and a true sense of freedom.

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Recreation in Rhodes

Rhodes offers its visitors a great many pleasures; from shopping, through food, to parties, pubs and clubs. The exciting lifestyle on the island allows you to take an exciting shopping journey between the thousands of shops in the city, and return home with fantastic souvenirs such as jewelry, ceramic objects, fabrics, wines, honey, olive oil, china with traditional decoration and other authentic objects.

In terms of entertainment, Rhodes is a place that is crammed with ‘action’ from day until night, including many places that remain open until dawn.

You may partake of the fascinating assortment of flavors in the local restaurants and cafés, dancing and entertainment in the local pubs and clubs.

Among the major tourist sites in Rhodes you can visit the Acropolis, a fortified hill with many temples, places of worship, and structures built during the Hellenistic period.

You won’t want to miss the streets of the old town of Rhodes which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the oldest continuously-inhabited medieval town in Europe. A massive wall that was built by the Knights of St. John encloses the old town.

During a historical journey in the old town you can see a reconstruction of the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Castle of Rhodes, and the spectacular ancient mosaics that are on display. You might also want to roam along the alleyways where many artists sit, and visit the souvenir shops situated alongside luxury shops.

The classical Greek experience

You are invited to start your tour of Rhodes along the city’s Crusader walls, the ancient Venetian town and the marina which was once the ancient port of Rhodes, where the famous statue of Colossus stands.  Through Gate d'Amboise you can step into the Crusader city and take a walking tour of the walls surrounding it. Here you will experience the atmosphere of the knights and the Middle Ages, especially if you combine this with a tour of the Grand Master's Palace. From there, go to the Acropolis; walking around you will be able to observe the theater, the stadium and the Temple of Apollo – symbols of the classical Greek culture.


Greece - Syros

Syros is an island that tourists really love. This island is authentic, magical and peaceful, and offers a winning combination of bars that offer live music, clubs, restaurants famous for serving dishes made with fresh fish, estates and buildings in the impressive neo-classical style. When you sail to Syros, you will find pretty houses surrounding the large picturesque harbor. The houses in the capital city, Ermoupolis, reach the hilltop, about 430 meters height! The city's name derives from the name of Hermes, the god of trade. Here you can walk through a picturesque city with fascinating architecture: old palaces, streets paved with marble, statues and an amphitheater.

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On the nearby hill is Ano Syros, a picturesque town whose houses and ancient alleyways climb upwards towards the cathedral. The streets are cobblestoned with ancient stones and adjacent to them you will find a number of very lovely luxury shops. Next to the Town Hall Square is a market selling fish, vegetables, fruits and cheeses.

From the Town Hall Square you ascend by steps leading to the Cathedral of Saint George. There is a huge balcony enveloping the cathedral which serves as an excellent vantage point from which it is possible to look out over the harbor, spread out below in all its beauty.

In the distance once can see the large boats coming into the harbor to dock. On the other side of the harbor, ferries arrive and depart with rhythmic frequency. Further along the pier next to the city there is another quiet marina for luxury yachts. The rich people who have private homes on the island disembark, and bring with them celebrities from around the world to spend a short vacation on the island.

There are plenty of beaches for beach ‘groupies’: Galissas on the west coast, a beautiful bay with soft white sand and trees that come down almost as far as the water line. This is a long stretch of beach, and the official ‘naturist’ beach of the island is also located in this area.

There are other beaches that you can enjoy which offer a lot of sea and coastline but only a few people:  Posidonia, Agathopes – both of which are sandy beaches. There is a large bay which also has golden sand – Megas Gialos, and others.


Greece - Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular of the Cyclades Islands and outwardly it is very reminiscent of picture postcards of Greece – in the background are long stretches of beach with golden sand leading to the stunning blue sea, bright white houses and blue church domes. The island attracts a million tourists every year and it is especially popular with celebrities on vacation – many Greek celebrities have built their country homes on the island. Mykonos is a winning combination of opposites being merged together. On the one hand, a quiet and authentic fishing village and, on the other hand, a popular and vibrant tourist scene.

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The Cycladic architecture which dominates the island creates a fascinating maze of densely built cubic white houses. The ancient and finely preserved windmills, together with the red roofs of the churches, create an unforgettable landscape. When you tour through the streets on the island you will understand why Mykonos is known as the "jewel of the Aegean".

An island of tranquility

The magnificent beaches of Mykonos are ideal for water sports. The crystal clear waters are unparalleled for swimming and diving, and the beaches are kept clean and beautiful. It is especially recommended to visit the beach of Agios Ioannis as well as the Kalafatis Beach.

The authentic island is charming in its simplicity, its wild nature, picturesque windmills, an abundance of shops selling local handicrafts, fashion boutiques, taverns and bars along the entire coastline. Mykonos is the perfect place for you to sit and watch the sea, while sipping a glass of the local alcoholic drink – raki.

Windmills, picturesque landscape

During your visit to Mykonos you won’t want to miss seeing the the windmills, which are one of the recognized landmarks of Mykonos. You are welcome to tour ‘Little Venice’ which has been designed in medieval-style with observation stations that are amazingly romantic (especially at sunset!), restaurants with colorful terraces and lively bars.

Driving up the mountain, through the picturesque villages of Mykonos, you will come upon Ano Mera, a small town that has been named after the famous Ano Mera Monastery that is located there.

In Mykonos there are many museums including the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum that displays a collection of furniture, musical instruments, items of textiles and other objects. During your visit to Mykonos don’t miss the Aegean Maritime Museum with its display of ancient coins, models of ships, and an exhibition of ancient tools of navigation.

Experience in Delos

If you want to add yet another layer to the experience of visiting Mykonos, we recommend that you pay a visit to Delos, a very small island that – despite its size – is one of the most important islands in the whole of Greece and, without a doubt, the most important of the Cyclades islands. These islands were given their name because they surround the island of Delos which is located in the centre of the Cyclades archipelago (in Greek, a rough circle is known as ‘kiklos’).

Delos, according to Greek mythology, is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The island reached its heyday during the Hellenistic period, when this sacred island was one of the first three religious centers in the entire Greek nation.

In Delos we also recommended that you visit the Terrace of the Lions, the Sacred Way and the the Sanctuary of Apollo, and the impressive Temple of Artemis. You are guaranteed a unique experience.


Greece - Samos

The birthplace of some of the greatest philosophers of Greek antiquity, this is a magical place considered to be the most beautiful of the Aegean islands. With an abundance of natural springs, enchanting monasteries, picturesque white villages surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, the island has become a very popular tourist destination.

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Pythagoras was born here

The island gained fame as the birthplace of Pythagoras, Epicurus and Aristarchus and is also famous for the sweet wines that are produced here. In the summer, the island inhabitants celebrate the wine festivals in the evenings, and you are welcome to join in the festivities and take part in the libations.

During a trip to the island it is recommended to visit the coastal town of Pythagorion, one of the most beautiful towns on the island. Another favorite destination is the fishing village – Kokari, which has become a lively resort town built on spectacular rocky ground, and this is a splendid place to go walking.  Samos has a variety of different landscapes, from green mountain villages through the magnificent vineyards. The beaches in Samos are wonderful, white and sandy – of the kind that caresses the soles of your feet, and the water is clear and deep turquoise in color. The bustling open markets offer tourists a variety of opportunities to return home with high-quality olive oils, pottery, rugs, woven fabrics and other astonishing local produce. Whitewashed houses with blue windows, Venetian buildings, narrow winding staircases leading down to hidden beaches create an atmosphere of peace and true freedom.

Wine and the good life

Samos is famous for its wineries, this is the place to enjoy excellent wines and especially Muscat grapes, figs, and citrus fruits. It is strongly recommended to sample the fine wines and enjoy a selection of the sweet delicacies that the capital city is famous for. If you have been looking for a place that offers good entertainment, you should be aware of the fact that the nightlife in Samos is magical for tourists because of the variety available, and the exhilarating atmosphere. Bars, discos, taverns and coffee shops with live and exciting Greek music will soon get you up on your feet. Greek rhythm is full of ‘joie de vivre’.


Greece - Lesbos

A green paradise for romantics, painters and artists. Unlike the other Greek islands, this verdant island has managed to retain its serene and authentic nature. White beaches, rich green vegetation, pine forests, wildlife, large numbers of birds, wild flowers that you will not find anywhere else in Europe – all these will make your visit to the island a unique experience.

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Mineral springs and unusual monuments

Lesvos is the third largest island in Greece offering a selection of attractions for visitors to the island; a charming promenade that encompasses the port area of the Mytilene capital;  relaxing beaches, rivers that flow throughout almost the entire year and wonderful picturesque towns outside the main city that are all connected with the tranquility of the island.

The truth is that the real charm of the island lies in the places that are furthest away from the central cities, in the quaint villages, the hidden bays, and the endless orchards of the mountainous region.

You are invited to partake of a special adventure in the Byzantine castle in the city and, if you feel like it, you can immerse yourself in the rich natural mineral springs of which there are many in Lesvos. Don’t miss the hot healing mineral baths in the town of Vasilika.

Lesvos is famous for its pottery and ceramics and in many of the surrounding markets you can purchase pottery souvenirs or decorative ceramic items for your home.

Adventure trip enthusiasts will be able to enjoy an amazing and dynamic safari trip with lots of thrills and adrenaline.  The Geological Museum in Sigri is one of the best museums in Greece and will provide you with a fascinating experience that it is worthwhile including as part of your trip to the island. You can visit the many special monuments such as the Roman Aqueduct; the Klopedi Temple that dates back to the Archaic period (the Archaic period in the history of Ancient Greece spans from the 9th century to the 6th century BC); and the ancient Mytilene Theater dating back to the early Hellenistic era which was renovated during the late Roman period.

The homeland of ouzo

You should also take a tour to the village of Agiasos, a special and picturesque village where you can visit the Church of the Virgin Mary. Another wonderful village is Plomari Village, the Ouzo capital of Lesvos, which is why many people like to come and visit the ouzo factory located in this village which is among the most famous in Greece. You will be impressed by the production process and, of course, have the opportunity of tasting the ouzo that is produced there.

Lesvos is a place full of authentic flavors: here you can taste local goat cheeses, seafood, and lamb roasted in the Lesvos style, which is simply an absolute delight.


Greece - Volos Metaora

Volos, the bustling port city of the Thessaly region in northern Greece, lies along the Aegean Sea and offers a true celebration for people who love ‘the good life’. Here the morning begins with delicious fresh pastries; the option of strolling easily from one trendy café to another, enjoying a good meal at one of the many fish restaurants, wandering through streets full of interesting shops and visiting an archaeological museum with artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age and the Hellenistic period. But there is no doubt that the most amazing part of the trip to Volos is visiting Meteora – a formation of immense monolithic pillars constituting a unique geological phenomenon; it is no wonder that this was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Hanging Monasteries and stunning cliffs

Near Volos one finds the huge cliffs of Meteora which appear to be “in the middle of the sky”  – sixty steep sandstone boulders that have Christian Orthodox monasteries that were constructed atop the cliff peaks.

This is one of the most beautiful regions of Greece with these extraordinary cliffs, designed by nature over many thousands of years. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Monasteries, suspended between heaven and earth. Although access is by means of a long flight of stairs the experience itself is quite unique. At the Monastery one can learn about the lives of the monks and look out over the breathtaking vistas.

A trek through the mountain landscape

In the Thessaly region of Greece you will find natural beauty spots that combine mountain views  with the landscape of the charming bay and its ancient mythological past. In the Pelion mountains that surround the bay one will enjoy pastoral mountain views overlooking the bay and the traditional villages. The slopes of the Pelion mountains are covered in forests and lush vegetation, amongst which a scattering of agricultural villages built on the mountainsides.

Greek village life

In the town of Portaria (located at an altitude of about 600 m) you can walk around the Pelion-style houses and through picturesque alleyways. The town of Makrinitsa is another unique spot within this area, and this town has become a sort of open-air and traditional museum of the region. Here you can spend a wonderfully delightful day while strolling through the alleyways of the town, among the cafés and shops selling authentic handicrafts created by the local villagers.


Greece - Nafplio

A classical Greek harbor city that allows its visitors to encounter the simple and traditional flavor of Greece, where the time-honored cuisine has been preserved with the same aromatic dishes, the same excellent tavernas and cafés serving real Greek coffee, where you will find characters like those who appeared in the movies years ago.

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A symbol of Greek independence

Nafplio is an important city in Greece and it was the first capital of independent Greece prior to the capital being relocated to Athens.  Nafplio is where the first king of Greece was crowned. The city is considered to be one of the most cultivated ones in the country. Pathways that have been paved in marble, beautifully preserved historical sites, and streets that are closed vehicles and which provide a sense of tranquility for people touring the city on foot.

Every corner reveals another treasure, beauty spots, small bakeries where the aroma of freshly baked goods waft into the air, intimate restaurants and charming pubs.

The oldest part of the city is beautiful; a mountain covered with cacti and spectacular beaches. Here you can set out upon a historic journey – on every side you will find architecture dating back to the Middle Ages and fascinating tourist sites. You are welcome to visit the Town Hall where the independent Parliament of Greece was first convened. Well known monuments await you, such as the Saint George Metropolitan Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum of the Argolis region. Another attraction is the old mosque.

Ancient fortresses and an impressive view

Tourists who come to Nafplio from all over the world love to visit the city's historic relics, among which the Fortress of Bourtzi in the harbor which was built in the 15th century when the Venetians occupied the town, and the Castle of Palamidi.

The fortress walls tower to a height of 200 meters above the city and affords an impressive vantage point over the city and the harbor – you can choose the challenging route and climb about 999 stairs, or take the easier and faster route and simply enjoy the dazzling scenery that awaits you from the top.

If you want to take a break and savor the local culinary delights, plan for some ‘time out’ in the relaxed port area – a picturesque and enjoyable spot which has a wealth of restaurants and cafés where the time will pass most pleasantly.


Greece - Thessaloniki

A classical Greek port city, the second largest in Greece, it was the capital of ancient Macedonia. Today Thessaloniki is a vibrant and colorful modern city with a population of around a million residents. Thessaloniki is a city that abounds in squares and beautiful parks with impressive archaeological sites; it is a location which is rich in local culture and tradition that captures the hearts of tourists. The city has reputation for culture and was even designated by the European Union in 1997 as a ‘European Capital of Culture’.

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In Thessaloniki you are invited to tour the city's beautiful promenade, and you will find some delightful cafés and a large number of recreational and tourist sites along its length. One of Thessaloniki's famous attractions is the impressive statue of Alexander the Great, the renowned commander of Macedonia. There is also the White Tower which is considered to be a symbol of the city; this is part of the remains of the ancient wall that surrounded the city.

The treasures of Thessaloniki

The old city of Thessaloniki is so captivating that a number of the buildings in Thessaloniki dating back to the Byzantine period have been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

It is highly recommended to pay a visit to the Turkish quarter at the top of the hill and stop to enjoy a scenic view over the city. Other sites that many Israeli tourists choose to visit are the synagogue of Thessaloniki and the Holocaust Museum, which tell the story about the Jewish community of this area.

If you would like to take a journey back in time you can pay a visit to the Roman Forum, which was the very heart of the old town and was the site of a large theater that hosted performances during the summer months.

Along the way you will not want to miss the Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda, ancient Roman structures from the period of the Emperor Galerius.

At the Greek tempo

As with many cities in Greece, Thessaloniki also has a very highly regarded Archaeological Museum which is considered to be one of the best museums in Europe. The museum is located near the famous White Tower and exhibits treasures that were discovered in Thessaloniki; stunning mosaics, glass, etc. are on display, depicting the glorious history of the city.

Famous churches in the city which have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO are the Hagios Demetrios and the Hagia Sophia, both of which are Greek Orthodox churches dating back to the Byzantine period; both of these constitute very much of a tourist attraction in Thessaloniki.

There is a very energetic nightlife in Thessaloniki with bars, clubs, taverns that are full of life and trendy cafes that remain open until the wee hours of the night. In many places one will have the opportunity of enjoying performances by local entertainers.


Greece - Piraeus - Athens

Piraeus is the marine gateway to Athens, the capital of Greece in the ancient world and, today, a city that presents an enthralling mixture of old and new, east and west. This is a city that is particularly captivating, and has many layers of history as well as a wealth of fascinating and famous archaeological sites that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. Anyone who is familiar with Haim Moshe’s song "The Voices of Piraeus” can picture a backdrop of white houses, open sea, sun, relaxation and happiness. This is Piraeus, a mesmerizing combination of beaches and archaeological sites, lively taverns, parks and busy commercial areas.

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Athens Museum and the Acropolis

Among the major attractions in the area one can visit the Acropolis – dedicated primarily to the Greek goddess Athena, and the location of the Parthenon temple – the symbol of ancient Greece and one of the most important sites in the world.

The New Athens Museum is another place not to be missed; an eye-catching architectural masterpiece filled with remarkable historical artifacts and treasures from Piraeus. Here, all of the relics that were discovered in the archaeological excavations over the decades are on display in an extraordinary setting.

A lot of people also visit the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, which has an amazing display of sculpture and pottery, as well as the remains of the ancient museum. The Athenian Agora Archaeological Park is a unique site where one can see buildings and that depicting the ancient structure of the city in days gone by.

Art lovers are invited to tour the Piraeus Municipal Gallery, which presents a selection of works by famous modern Greek painters, alongside compositions by many younger artists not yet established.

The Hellenic Maritime Museum presents the history of the Greek navy from ancient times to the present day. The museum has a wealth of models of ships, flags, maps, films, books, representations of historical events and other fascinating items.

Entertainment and shopping in Piraeus

If you are looking for a lively marina you will not want to miss Zea, where a great many large and splendid yachts and boats are anchored; all around the area of the marina one finds a selection of bars, restaurants and cafés and the atmosphere is exciting and colorful.

Other places that are highly recommended for a tour of the city are Syntagma Square (Constitution Square), the Greek Parliament building and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is also well advised to pay a visit to the House of the President, Heinrich Schliemann’s House, the Academy of Athens, and also the Old University and the National Library which have been built in the ornate neo-classical Greek-style.

Another popular tourist destination in the city is the Olympic Stadium where the modern Olympic Games were held in 2004.  If you are interested in purchasing souvenirs, you should take some leisure time to walk around the Plaka neighborhood, the area of the market and taverns at the foot of the Acropolis. Sip a glass of ouzo and enjoy life.

Please note that the boat anchors in the port of Piraeus, which is very near to Athens. Either when booking the cruise or on the boat itself it will be possible for you to purchase a variety of shore excursions.


Greece - Kalamata

The second largest city in southern Greece, combining mesmerizing landscapes, open spaces and bustling commercial sites. Kalamata – known for the meatiness of its olives and its fine olive oil – is also a great destination for excursions, because of its breathtaking views. Above the city is the ‘Castro’, a fortress dating back to the 13th century, with its wonderful views of the surrounding area. The area offers a rich variety of mountainous landscapes alongside green valleys, river channels, fishing villages and cliffs – there are secluded coves and ancient sites as well as large and well-tended beaches.

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Many people choose to tour Kalamata on foot, along the walking routes or between the villages; to rent bicycles and to pedal among the wildflowers; or stretch out on one of the sandy beaches. On the coastline of Kalamata you will find beaches where the water is a particularly comfortable temperature – providing ideal conditions for diving and swimming.

Festivals and recreation

In the summer months colorful festivals take place here with a variety of dance and musical performances and contemporary plays. It is truly a pleasure to wander through the city and discover the unique architecture which exposes different periods of history. Throughout the city there are cafés and taverns where you will be able to enjoy a dining experience in a relaxed Greek atmosphere.

The Port of Kalamata is one of the busiest and most popular ports for leisure activities, next to the well-kept marina that is full of coffee-shops, bars and shops; in particular you may want to visit shops that sell silk scarves and handkerchiefs made by nuns from the local monastery.

Kalamata is a place where it is simply fun to wander around, or just to sit and enjoy a hearty meal consisting of various types of fish, seafood and dishes based on the wonderful figs that grow in this region. For those who love museums, Kalamata offers museums such as the Military Museum or the Archaeological Museum.  And don’t forget, of course, when visiting Kalamata, to stock up on high-quality olives and olive oils!


Greece - Katakolon

A charming coastal town where we will anchor for a delightful leisurely interlude and, primarily, because it serves as the cruise gateway to ancient Olympia. This is the birthplace of the sports culture of the modern world and that of antiquity where, for the very first time, the Olympic torch was lit centuries ago and it still continues to burn until this very day.

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A tranquil fishing village

Katakolon has the very peaceful nature of a small fishing village since there are only about 600 permanent residents. One can find among the quiet streets of the harbor area taverns, souvenir shops, shops selling Greek artifacts, handicraft items and leather goods, as well as restaurants serving fresh fish and a variety of local delicacies.

For those who feel like strolling around or sunbathing it is only a short walk to a number of peaceful beaches where fishing boats anchor. This is a place where beauty and simplicity are very much intertwined.

This is how the Olympic Games started

There is no doubt that the main reason for tourists visiting this destination is ancient Olympia – the captivating archaeological site. Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, which were held every four years starting from the year 776 BC.

It is also well-known because of the Statue of Zeus, which was considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  A very interesting tour awaits you around the remains of the ancient city, the gymnasium in which sports were taught, and the ‘palaestra’ which served as a wrestling arena, and more.

You can include in your tour a visit to the modern Archaeological Museum of Olympia which displays sculptures and fascinating artifacts from the Roman and archaic period.


Greece - Argostoli

Argostoli is the main town on the island of Cephalonia, a bustling modern city with 14,000 inhabitants, steep narrow streets and spectacular natural landscapes of beaches and impressive mountains. Here one may imbibe to one’s hearts content as there are a variety of local wineries producing fine wines, and it is delightful to sip these at sunset on the beach and truly sense the freedom.

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The town has a great variety of cafes and restaurants which all remain open during the evening hours and, despite the tranquil nature of the area, the nightlife is amazingly lively. Between the famous monuments of the town there is a stone bridge 650 meters long and in the middle is a small pyramid called the “Colonna”. You can visit an assortment of museums such as the Archaeological Museum which displays artifacts from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, such as coins, swords, sculptures and ceramics.

The Blue Cave

There are many green spaces surrounding the city, with open areas and tourist attractions. During a trip around the city we recommend that you visit several of the main landmarks, like the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos overlooking the mountainous area where nature is so beautiful it will totally mesmerize you. For those seeking tranquility, Melissani Lake is a place where one may sail on boats on the unique underground lake to the Blue Cave. The sun's rays penetrate through the open roof of the cave and illuminate the waters with shades of iridescent blue, creating a surprising natural visual experience.

Blossoming mountain landscapes

The beaches in the area make one think of postcards; the towns of Sami and Myrtos abound with beaches and beautiful bays filled with golden sands, and the water is clear as glass. Along the western coast you can take pleasure in the backdrop of hilly green and blossoming landscape – a breathtaking sight. The beautiful harbor has many shops along the colorful pedestrian mall that sell souvenirs, antiques, wines, postcards and oil paintings.


Greece - Kavala

This enchanting port city in northern Greece contains a historic district as well as a modern one, overlooks the sea and has a rich history of trade in tobacco. Today you can visit special museums that deal with tobacco and also a wealth of beautiful buildings, stunning beaches and a vibrant entertainment scene.

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Kavala is one of the intimate types of Greek cities, built on a hillside in the model of an amphitheater so that there are numerous vantage points looking out over the sea. From all sides you will be able to watch the fishing boats and ships anchored in the harbor. The connection between the ancient past and the contemporary present-day is inevitable and can be felt around every corner. Start your tour at Eleftherias Square and from there cross to the colorful Megalou Alexandrou pedestrian mall which is surrounded by a treasure-trove of cafés, bars, trendy shops and a great many tobacco warehouses. Tobacco is a recurring theme in the city: there are a lot of tobacco shops and even a museum devoted to the production processes and the history of tobacco.

The area of the pedestrian mall is also the focus of the shopping scene, with a variety of authentic Greek paintings, bottles of oil, scented soaps and souvenirs that are fun to buy and take home.

Some of the historic buildings in this city are associated with neo-classical houses of the tobacco growers and there is also a very impressive City Hall and Municipal Tobacco Warehouse. The Old City of Kavala includes an impressive ancient fortress that was rebuilt by the Turks in 1425, and offers breathtaking panoramic views. The tour alongside the city walls passes by a bronze equestrian statue of Mohamed Ali and it is worthwhile to continue from there, along the winding alleyways that are filled with typical Byzantine houses and intimate bars.

Kavala has some great beaches, filled with deck chairs and sunshades, beach bars, restaurants and cafeterias that offer souvlaki, ouzo, tzatziki and halloumi cheese in refreshing variations. The most popular beaches are the Sarakina beach and Pirgos beach, where you will be able to enjoy a wonderful vacation atmosphere.

The tobacco trade is an integral part of the city and is intertwined in its history. In the past there were 50 tobacco companies operating here and the city housed about 160 tobacco warehouses. But the global economic crisis of 1929 hit the local industry, and the splendor of these days can be witnessed today mainly at the Tobacco Museum, which reflects the association of the location with the tobacco trade through a number of interesting exhibitions, such as examples of tobacco, art and advertising relating to the world of tobacco, the production process, and more.

Other interesting museums in the city are the Folklore Museum, which is located in a building that has elements of Ottoman-Turkish and Neo-Classical architecture and displays Greek statues, tools, objects of Greek folk culture;  there is also the Historical – Ethnological Museum of the Greeks of Kapadokia where you can admire precious Kappadocian costumes, carpets, paintings, jewelry, embroidery etc

No doubt the most well-known symbol of Kavala is the Aqueduct that was built in 1550 by Sultan Suleiman II and served as the main water source for the city. Today this remains as a magnificent monument that contains 60 arches of various sizes. The journey back into the past also passes by the Acropolis, built on the ruins of a Byzantine fortress which dates back to the 15th  century.

If you feel like having a bit of a celebration in addition to getting a deep tan and visiting ancient ruins, then you should be aware of the fact that Kavala nightlife is worth getting to know: a collection of trendy clubs, authentic taverns, cheerful pubs, parties playing hip electronic music, beach restaurants that specialize in fresh fish dishes – and all of this in the truly exciting atmosphere of Kavala.


Greece - Ios

Ios is one of the loveliest of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. A selection of spectacular beaches, water sports, authentic taverns. The "Island of flowers" will surprise and delight you for a variety of reasons: an impressive amphitheater, dazzling white buildings, archeology, trendy clubs, and the mesmerizing scenery of the open sea. Be prepared to fall in love . . .

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The Greek island of Ios in the Cyclades – in the northern part of Santorini – offers a unique combination of pristine golden beaches together with the authentic ambiance of a traditional village;  all of this, alongside its well-deserved reputation as being a ‘party island’, with an exciting and youthful atmosphere .

It is a lively tourist island which includes the village of Chora. Everywhere one sees whitewashed houses, winding alleyways, and the local population sitting contentedly, drinking coffee and playing backgammon; churches and restaurants with the flavor of years gone by, in conjunction with a cosmopolitan lifestyle and contemporary nightlife.

You are invited to visit the Archaeological Museum in the village where there is an exhibition of vases, pottery, lamps, ritual objects and more; as well as the Greek Orthodox cathedral dating back to the Middle Ages, where mosaics and Byzantine frescoes have survived the ravages of time. Another prominent site is the church of Panagia Gremiotissa, which can be seen from afar thanks to its high blue dome and bell tower. Odysseas Elytis is another interesting tourist attraction on the island: it is an amphitheater constructed out of marble and stone in the ancient Greek style, and it hosts concerts and performances on the hot summer days. 

The ancient windmills of Ios are an integral part of the local landscape and one of the most beautiful sites in the region. Also, you will not want to miss the tomb of Homer, one of the greatest poets of ancient Greece and author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

After a nice walk simply meandering around the island there is nothing like donning your swimsuit and heading for the beaches. There are so many well-kept beaches that you should try to visit at least several of them, such as Mylopotas: 2 km east of the village, this is the favorite beach on the island, dotted with upbeat bars, good restaurants and offering a variety of marine activities such as water skiing, banana boats and windsurfing.  Are you looking for something quieter?  Manganari beach is in a lovely bay on the south side of the island, characterized by clear water and a peaceful atmosphere; and Kalamos beach is ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts.  After you have finished diving into the depths of the sea you can enjoy the route which leads to the Byzantine monastery of Agios Ioannis, located not far from the beach.

On Ios you will find a great choice of nightclubs that offer a variety of concept parties, DJs to keep the festivities going, bars well-stocked with a tempting selection of alcoholic drinks, and performances by local bands to complete the pleasurable experience. Most of the clubs and pubs are located in the main square or along the beaches. Stay for the exotic sunset and wrap the day up with a cocktail and some delightful dishes of fish or seafood, souvlaki and ouzo which flows like water.


Greece - Santorini - Observation on Santorini-No DISEMBARK

This delightful Greek Island is the ideal place to go for a pampering vacation. Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea and is considered to be one of the most favored vacation spots in the world. The sunsets here are truly magical, the turquoise waters are mesmerizing, the beaches are sandy and well maintained, and the houses are built from volcanic rock – tranquility surrounds you from all sides.

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This delightful Greek Island is the ideal place to go for a pampering vacation. Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea and is considered to be one of the most favored vacation spots in the world. The sunsets here are truly magical, the turquoise waters are mesmerizing, the beaches are sandy and well maintained, and the houses are built from volcanic rock – tranquility surrounds you from all sides.


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