Cities in Cyprus

Cyprus - Limassol

This is the largest port city in Cyprus and an important tourist attraction which draws thousands of tourists every year. Limassol is proud of the spontaneous hospitality offered by its inhabitants, its magnificent coastlines, archaeological sites, the medieval castles one finds there, and its flourishing wine industry. Limassol is a beautiful coastal city which elegantly merges past with present; the impressive history, exhibitions, splendid monuments and museums that perpetuate the wonderful treasures and – in contrast – the city boasts a modern marina, a vibrant promenade and dynamic nightlife with trendy bars and clubs.

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Let's start with a fascinating journey back in time: the Archaeological Museum in Limassol spellbinds visitors with a varied display of ceramics, ancient pottery from the Roman period, statues and lamps from the Hellenistic period and artifacts from the late Bronze Age.

It is also worthwhile to visit the Museum of Folk Art, situated in a unique historic building where there are exhibitions that commemorate Cypriot Art over the years, from the 18th and 19th centuries. Here you will find an abundance of traditional costumes, embroidery, collections of porcelain, decorative ornaments and dazzling jewelry.

Limassol Castle is one of the recommended landmarks on your tour of the city. This is a magical castle which dates back to 1228, located in the heart of the historic center near the port. The castle has undergone a lot of changes at the hands of different rulers and what one can see today is a building from the Ottoman period, with areas of authentic stone and ancient artifacts from different periods.

While learning about Limassol’s rich history don’t miss the Roman theater known as "Ancient Curium" that overlooks the breathtaking vista of the sea – the best time of day to visit here is just before the spectacular and romantic sunset.

The selection of beaches in this city is very appealing, with famous beaches such as Governor's Beach which is characterized by relatively dark sand and white rocks and is an ideal location for snorkeling; or Lady’s Mile Beach with fine sand and a shallow slope into the water, and restaurants full of rhythm and tempo.

There’s never a dull moment in Limassol: maritime activity enthusiasts will find well-tended beaches with opportunities for water sports such as banana boats and diving for beginners as well as more experienced divers. In addition, the city has a wonderful water park for families called Wet `n Wild that offers a diversity of water slides, a zip line into the pool, challenging inner tube rides and more.

After sunbathing, relaxing and taking a refreshing walk through the picturesque streets, you will be able to enjoy quality time at the beautifully-landscaped Marina which is a dynamic entertainment scene for those interested in sitting at a tavern or nibbling on fresh fish and seafood, or enjoying a pleasant visit to the souvenir stalls and health spas.


Cyprus - Larnaca

Legend tells us that the person who first started settlement in Larnaca, thousands of years ago, was Kittim, the grandson of Noah. Today Larnaca – where the central airport of Cyprus is located – is one of the most modern cities on the island and hundreds of thousands of tourists visit here every year. It is impossible not to be excited by Larnaca, Cyprus's third largest city, and one of the main attractions in the Mediterranean. This is a charming destination that connects all worlds: beautiful beaches, marine activity, fascinating museums, European architecture, archaeological sites, fine dining, lively markets and a breathtaking view. On the one hand, you can sense the intimate authenticity yet, on the other hand, it is a thriving cosmopolitan city.

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There are some places here that are not to be missed – Larnaca Castle which dates back to the 14th century has undergone a great number of transformations throughout history, including turning it into a prison; it is now a site of considerable interest exhibiting Byzantine murals,  medieval pottery, utensils, and weapons which have been preserved for centuries. It is also worthwhile visiting the Larnaca Archaeological Museum, which displays interesting exhibitions of rare marble statues and artifacts from the Neolithic Age, the Bronze Age, the Roman period and more.

If you are looking for more ‘extreme’ activities, the Zenobia dive site in Larnaca is among the most appealing in the world and offers the possibility of scuba diving to the shipwreck of the Swedish vessel that sunk in these waters in 1980. Don’t miss taking time to spend on the beautiful beaches of the city, among which McKenzie Beach is perhaps the loveliest.  This long stretch of beach is characterized by fine sand of varying shades and offers an abundance of recreational facilities. Enjoy the nearby children's playground, sports clubs, stalls selling a variety of lovely souvenirs and other exciting activities in the outdoors.

A trip which is a very wonderful experience in the Larnaca area is a visit to the four salt lakes outside the town (Lake Aliki, Lake Orphani, Lake Soros and Lake Spiro). This area abounds with wetlands and various species of birds and waterfowl – with any luck you will see the pink flamingo, the grey crane and black-headed gull. According to legend, the lake's salinity is due to the fact that St. Lazarus asked an elderly woman for food and drink; she refused, saying that her vines had dried and Lazarus replied that her vines will be dry for eternity and that the lake would be salty forever. The scientific explanation is that salt penetrates into the pores of the rocks between the lake and the sea and it is this that makes the water saline. Either way, the scenery surrounding the lake, of mountains and hills, makes this a perfect location for a delightful tour.

Before you return to the cruise, take a walk along Palm Trees Promenade where there is a wonderful selection of lively taverns serving Cypriot food at its best, such as souvlaki, salads with fried halloumi cheese, or fresh fish. On the promenade there are also trendy clubs playing Greek music  – this, together with some local ouzo, and everyone will be up and dancing. A wonderful conclusion to the stopover in Larnaca.


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