to reception of customers until further notice.

Mano Shipping makes efforts to provide the best service to all its customers, including people with disabilities.


Ship's Accessibility

Crown Iris ship is partially adapted for people with disabilities that use a wheelchair, for structural reasons that do not allow full accessibility.

There are areas on the ship, such as the 11th deck, which cannot be accessed with the wheelchair.

There may also be situations of waiting in hallways or elevators.

We make every effort to improve accessibility in order to provide a perfect sailing experience for all passengers without exception.

The ship has four guest rooms adapted for disabled passengers.

Deluxe room with a window (promenade view) on the 7th deck - the room is equipped with railings, toilet and shower.

The room is for three guests only. It comes with two twin beds and one upper bed.

The contact details of the accessibility coordinator are detailed at the bottom of the

 page. You can contact for any claim, request for improvement, notification of an

unanswered accessibility problem, and for assistance in providing

service (assistance with the accessibility center service will be given to disabled

customers only).

Reception branches

The sales and service staff undergo training and refresher on accessibility issues, to provide the best service.



Handicap parking

Handicap toilets

Office's threshold

Hearing loop



Palyam 2

Yes- in the area

Yes- in the area





Ha'Yarkon 14

Yes- in the area




It is possible to access the hotel in front of the office


Ha'Oragim 11


Yes- in the area





Accessibility Arrangements at Each Branch




Customer Service

There is a customer service center that provides a telephone service.

For customers to whom telephone service does not provide an appropriate answer, you can contact via email

Also on the website you can get information about booking status and see digital cruise tickets.

Colors and Contrast

You can change the contrast of the site to a high level of contrast and very high contrast in which the text is mostly yellow on a black background

All colors have been changed for you to reduce as many stimuli as possible and all flashes and certain banners will not be active in these versions to keep the information as comfortable to read as possible


Website Caption Size and Screen Size

Magnifying the page by 200% will not harm the size of the information viewed on the site.

In the contrasted versions the site will appear 25% larger than its original size.

The accessibility bar has 3 types of magnification options, but if you want to magnify the letters more you can use the following keyboard functions:

The Ctrl + key will magnify the text on the site.

Ctrl key - will reduce the size of text on the site.

The Ctrl 0 key will return the site to its original size.

SPACEBAR will lower the site downwards.

The F11 key will enlarge the screen to full size - another press will reduce it back.


Keyboard Navigation

The site supports keyboard navigation by using the TAB key, the arrows and pressing the Enter key will activate the various links.

Because of the size of the site there are places on the site that are difficult to reach using a keyboard so alternatives like alternative menu and more have been suggested.



Additional Information

In the accessible versions all flashing things have been removed and hidden, therefore some of the information may not appear. We have tried to provide a convenient edition without features that would interfere in the process. We have also made efforts to adapt the versions to as many browsers as possible. The Google Chrome version is the most compatible, and we will try to update more versions later on.



Despite our efforts to make all pages of the site accessible, pages that have not yet been accessed or that the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found may be discovered.

We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site, as much as possible, out of faith and a moral commitment to enable the use of the site for the entire population, including people with disabilities.


Contact Details of the Accessibility Coordinator:

Name: Gil Hashmonay

Phone number: 054-4606684




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