General Terms

For convenience, what is mentioned in the general terms is written in the masculine gender and singular, but also covers the feminine gender and plural.

We, Mano Maritime Ltd.

Company number 511887697

The price includes

  • A cruise in a cabin with bathroom and shower
  • Full board on the ship
  • Entertainment and shows every evening
  • Israeli crew


  • The company reserves the right to change prices from time to time, without affecting a transaction already underway. It is therefore recommended to reserve and purchases tickets early.
  • There are no double sales or discounts.


  • Tips are not included in the cruise price and are at the discretion of the passenger. The usual practice on cruises is to tip the hotel staff who serve you with dedication 2€ per person per day of the cruise.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. is not bound to reserve any particular cabin, provided that the cabin that the customer receives is the same category as the cabin paid for. It is possible to reserve adjacent cabins, or particular part of the ship at a cost of €5 per night per cabin.
  • The price list does not include on-shore tours. We advise vacationers to buy on-shore tours, but it is not mandatory.
  • The carrying out of on-shore tours depends on the number of people registering.
  • Sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, for reasons beyond the control of Mano Maritime Ltd., it becomes necessary to change on-shore tours. In these cases, based on the circumstances, the company will change the on-shore tour, and Mano Maritime Ltd. will reimburse the passenger the difference in cost of a more limited tour.
  • The discount on the excursions fares on the web site, is valid until the day before departure at 23:59

Rooms occupied by 3 and 4 passengers:

  • Reduced price for  a third and fourth passenger in a cabin.
  • Beds for the third and fourth passenger in the cabin are upper bunk beds (except in the suites)
  • The booking of cruises to families with children under the age of two will be possible depending on the availability of the specially adapted cabins for babies (deluxe and suites only), and the limited number of passengers allotted to them.
  • In most cabins, a double bed is essentially two separate beds put together.


Rooms for “single” and “twin sharing” passengers:

  • A single occupant cabin: a single passenger in a double room will pay for two cruise tickets.
  • A passenger sharing a cabin: with approval of Mano Maritime Ltd., a single passenger reserving a cruise may share a cabin with another passenger. If no passenger is found to share the cabin, the passenger will be offered a single occupant cabin (as mentioned in the paragraph above). If the passenger does not wish to pay for a single occupant cabin, Mano Maritime Ltd. has the right at any time before sailing to cancel the reservation, in which case the company will refund the customer in full at no extra cost beyond what the passenger/customer paid.


Schedules and embarkation:

  • Due to border controls and checks, you are requested to arrive at the port three hours before the sailing time.
  • The port and embarking time in Israel are stated on the sailing card.
  • Passenger embarkation will be brought forward on holiday eves and holidays. Details are available at the company offices.
  • Cruise timetables at Israeli ports and the different destination ports are fixed and known in advance to all the passengers.
  • The ship will not wait for latecomers. The passenger bears the sole responsibility for tardiness. The time stated in the schedule is the time at the destination.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. is not responsible for loss or damage to luggage. There is an optional luggage transporting service. A passenger who wants his luggage transported bears the sole responsibility for it.
  • For reasons of passenger safety, beverages and liquids will not be allowed to be brought on board.
  • Sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, for reasons beyond the control of Mano Maritime Ltd., inter alia because of force majeure, the company is compelled to change the course of the cruise, the ports of call, and the length of stay at the ports during the cruise, and the company will notify passengers accordingly.
  • Before sailing make sure that you have a valid passport and there is no order against you banning departure from the country.
  • People with a foreign passport or laissez passer must verify whether they need a visa to enter the destination countries.


Cruise canceling and cancellation fees:

  • Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, and the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 5770-2010, in the event of a cancellation, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee according to the date of cancellation and date of the purchase. The date of cancellation will be calculated according to the date the cancellation was received in writing (by fax, mail, or email at the offices of Mano Maritime Ltd.)
  • If the cancellation is made within 14 calendar days from the transaction date or from the date the disclosure document was sent by Mano Maritime Ltd. (whichever is later), provided that at least seven business days remain before the sailing date, the cancellation fee is NIS 100 or 5% per passenger, whichever is lower.

In every other case:

  • Cancellation more than 30 business days before the sailing date:
  • Cruise of 2-5 nights – cancellation fee of €49 per passenger (adult/child).
  • Cruise of 7-14 nights – cancellation fee of  €69 per passenger (adult/child)
  • Cancellation between 19 and 30 business days before the sailing date – 35% of the package price.
  • Cancellation between 8 and 18 business days before the sailing date – 50% of the package price.
  • Cancellation in the final seven business days before the sailing date – 100% cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation fee will apply if the passenger changes the date of the cruise and/or substitutes another passenger.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. advises passengers to purchase overseas travel insurance and to verify that the insurance covers cancellation of the trip, damage to luggage, and physical injury.
  • In the event of a cancellation, the amount paid for the reservation will be refunded, after deducting the cancellation fee, within 14 days from the notification date of the cancellation.
  • The sailing of a cruise is subject to the number of people registered for it.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. and the ship owners have the exclusive right to cancel a cruise or change the route or length of stay at ports for operating, technical, or other reasons, and appropriate notification will be given to the passengers. In such a case, the customer will be fully reimbursed the amounts he paid to Mano Maritime Ltd. without additional payment beyond the payment made by the passenger/customer.

Dining room and food on the ship:

  • Food, food products, and the kitchens on the Golden Iris are kosher, under the supervision of Rabbi Yitzhak Dayan, the Chief Rabbi of the Geneva Jewish community.
  • It is possible to order Glatt Kosher meals for an additional fee of €19 per passenger per day, adult or child (lunch and dinner).
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. tries to meet passengers’ requests and provide them with food suitable for their medical conditions (sugarless, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.), but is not bound to do so. It is not possible to guarantee with absolute certainty that the food meets a passenger’s health needs without fear that it might contain traces of ingredients which he main not consume. The passenger bears sole responsibility for this.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. is not bound to reserve seats in the dining room.

The Mano Card and payments on board

  • The means of identification and payment on the ship is the magnetic Mano Card, which will be issued on board. It is required to have at least one credit card for each reservation, which will serve as a deposit for orders on board. A passenger without a credit card will not be allowed to embark.
  • The prices of products and services on board are in euros (except for duty-free shops and the casino).


  • Mano Maritime Ltd. serves as the general agent for the cruise, the ship, and the on-shore tours.
  • For the sake of the general welfare of all passengers on board, smoking is prohibited on all parts of the ship, including the public spaces, desks, passenger cabins, except for the designated and signposted smoking corners on the open deck. Passengers shall refrain from smoking in the prohibited areas and will listen to the instructions of the ship’s crew.
  • Supervision of children under the age of 18 during a cruise is the responsibility of the parents or accompanying adult, who are required to protect the safety of the children and their conduct on board.
  • Passengers are aware that it is prohibited to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to a person under the age of 18, and that the ship’s crew engaged in the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages have the right to demand the passenger’s Mano Card to verify his age. Mano Maritime Ltd. warns that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages jeopardizes life and is hazardous to the health.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to embark a passenger to the ship or to disembark a passenger from the ship during the cruise, at the discretion of the captain and/or company management, in order to maintain the safety, health, and security of the other passengers on board and the ship’s crew. The company will not be liable for or bear the costs with respect to the non-embarking and/or disembarking of a passenger during a cruise.
  • Passengers should protect ship property.
  • Mano Maritime Ltd. reserves the right to take any legal action to prevent damage or loss of equipment in passenger cabins or the public spaces.
  • All travel agencies and passengers must notify Mano Maritime Ltd. of any physical handicaps of a passenger if they are known before the reservation is made at the offices of Mano Maritime Ltd.
  • The sole jurisdiction for any dispute that arises between the company and a consumer is the Haifa Court.
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