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Have you already reserved a cruise?

While you are counting down as you wait for the day of the cruise, here are some things that every passenger ought to know.


It is important for every passenger to check that his passport is valid for six months from the date of sailing. You can update your personal information about the passport in your account. Holders of a foreign passport should check visa requirements for the destination countries at the countries’ embassies.

Clarifications about travel bans can be obtained from the Population and Immigration Registry and Border Control at telephone *3450.


Overseas travel insurance is very important. We advise every passenger to purchase insurance for injury, luggage, and cancellation of the transaction, from an insurance company or health fund.

Arrival at the port

Check the departure time of your cruise. Due to border controls and checks, you are requested to arrive at the port on time that was mentioned during the reservation process and appears on cruise ticket.

All sailings depart of Gate 5 at Haifa Port.

Passengers arriving by car: go to the port: 65 Ha’atzmaut Street, Haifa. 

Passengers arriving by train: disembark at the Haifa Central Hashmona station. Timetables and additional information is available on the Israel Railways website.

Passengers arriving by bus: bus station (Metronit) – Line 1 or 2 from H.mifratz Central Bus Station or Hof Hacarmel Central Bus Station. Egged also has buses; timetables and additional information is available on the Israel public transport website.

Luggage weight

There is no luggage weight or quantity limit; don’t hold back on clothing.

Naturally, take into account that all the suitcases that you will take will be kept in your cabin. There is no other storage space.

Storing empty luggages only in classic rooms.

On the day of sailing


  • Set your alarm clock. Passengers who miss boarding will not sail and will not be compensated!
  • Check that you have not forgotten your passports, insurance policy, camera, and all the members of your party.
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