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Amazing deal for a 11 night cruise in November

Amazing deal for the 11 night November cruise
Special: long cruises to attractive destinations

On the luxury ship "Crown Iris" of "Mano Cruise" in September - November

Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, the Greek Islands are the destinations of the special cruises for 7 and 11 nights on the luxury ship "Crown Iris" in the months of September-November, at special prices starting at 99 euros per day only.

On the cruise that will depart from the port of Haifa on September 21 for 7 nights, the ship will dock in Mykonos, all of whose houses are painted white, then a two-day dock in the port of Piraeus, close to the capital Athens, where you can stroll the beautiful pedestrian street, go up to the Acropolis, visit museums and enjoy a shopping experience. From there you will sail by ship to the castration known as "Ghost Island" in the Aegean Sea. The price per person starts from 732 euros only.

On October 15, the "Crown Iris" will sail for 11 nights to Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. The ship will anchor on Syros Island, in Thessaloniki where there was a magnificent Jewish community, pass through the Bosphorus Straits and anchor in Constanta and from there Lorena, Burgas and Mykonos. The price per person starts from only 1,132 euros.

On November 19, an 11-night cruise to Greece, Italy and Malta, including moorings in: Kalamata, Palermo and Malta - the capital of Malta (mooring for the entire Sabbath), Catania in Sicily and Port of Soda in Crete. The price per person starts from 1089 euros only.

At "Mano Cruise" they emphasize the service, the atmosphere and the passenger experience. On the 11-story "Crown Iris" cruise ship, about 2,000 passengers sail and are served by about 650 crew members around the clock. Four chef restaurants, 3 meals a day, international shows, 2 swimming pools, jacuzzi, water slide, basketball court, gym, spa, duty free shops, casino, bars. The food is kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Dayan of Geneva.

On board entertainment shows every evening by an international team from London, bouzouki music, rock band, songs of Israel, stand-up comedians, party games, dances, DJ, gymnastics on board. Bars and lounges scattered throughout the ship. At the docking places you can go on organized trips in luxurious buses, accompanied by an Israeli guide. It is recommended to register in advance to guarantee a place.

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